What Can TBSW Generator Do For You?

You may have been in or may know someone who has been in a car wreck or had a traumatic injury. Usually, the person feels NO or very little PAIN - initially. The person may be pretty banged up too. After a couple of hours or so, it can be an outright screamfest of pain. So what happens initially - that the person is not feeling the pain? The brain, in survival mode, releases natural chemicals in the body called endorphins. It sends these rushing throughout the blood stream to the nervous and pain system. The result is totally inhibited pain.

TBSW waves are generated by a computer. All you need is to put on a set of headphones and run the TBSW waves for 20 minutes or so - and your pain is gone. TBSW waves cause the brain to release endorphins at a nice safe steady rate for a few minutes. Your pain completely melts away safely and naturally - with NO SIDE EFFECTS. The TBSW waves use very special frequencies and waveforms to accomplish this. 100% SAFE. The waveforms trigger natural brain functions.

TBSW Generator Main Panel Screenshot

binaural beats TBSW

What's TBSW?

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Wave. TBSW picks up where Binaural Beats and Isochronous Beats leave off. To better understand TBSW, lets take a look at Binaural Beats and what they're used for.

Binaural Beats have been around for almost 200 years. The effects of Binaural Beats was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. Binaural beats can do incredibly good things that can be very beneficial to you.

Binaural Beats work by placing two different frequencies in each ear. This is accomplished now by using headphones. By doing this, a beat frequency is created, usually in the Theta frequency range, depending on the purpose. The brain picks up the beat and reacts to the frequencies accordingly. Frequencies can do amazing things.

The Problems With Standard Binaural Beats :   

Binaural Beats are great for a lot of things, but they lack in many areas that TBSW makes up for. It's been found that the brain hemispheres can be and usually are, in two separate states of frequency. One side may be in Alpha State and the other may be in Beta or Theta states and they alter throughout the day. Binaural Beats don't compensate for this.


We know that a frequency of 111 Hz causes a release of pain killing endorphins from the brain to the nervous system. It's safe and natural. In fact, you may be aware of someone or yourself that has been in a traumatic accident. No or little pain is usually felt right away. This is because the brain is releasing these powerful endorphins. When they wear off...ouch.

There are other frequencies in the lower spectrum that are really good for pain relief too. 4.0 Hz is on of them. If you were to take a 111 Hz frequency and play it in your left stereo channel of your headphones and then take 115 Hz and play it in the right channel, you get a binaural beat frequency (just called the "beat frequency") of 4.0 Hz. As it turns out, 115 Hz is also a frequency known to release endorphins. What you end up with is a natural pain killer using two frequencies.

Binaural Beats are also limited to two frequencies (hence the Bi (2) in Binaural). That's how they have been, until now anyway. This is where everything changes with TBSW Technology.

TBSW Solves All of the Issues Related to Binaural Beats and Adds Incredible Enhancements

Balanced Frequencies - More Frequencies - More Effective

TBSW Generator has a Center Channel, Left and Right Channels with options to turn on Spin and Scalar Waves (I'll explain those later.) With three channels, you end up with a four dimensional Pyramid wave. The waveform is also balanced, which syncs both sides of the brain for a much more powerful effect.

Taking the binaural example above, lets put it in TBSW perspective. With TBSW we can use 111 Hz as our Center Frequency, 4.0 as our Left Frequency and 2.5 ( A Theta Frequency Pain Killer) as our Right Frequency. Now we have an extra frequency too, the difference between 4.0 and 2.5 = 1.5 Hz (Which is Abrahams Universal Healing Frequency). What we end up with is a very powerful, natural pain killer with healing benefits as well.  

By altering a single frequency, we can have the same benefits and add a sleep inducing frequency to kill pain and go to sleep. Can you see the power in this?

You could place a Rife Frequency as the Base Frequency in the mix and have a set that kills the flu virus, stops pain, makes you sleep and promotes healing all in one TBSW preset.

TBSW is the best thing available for :

  • Powerful, Natural Pain Relief

  • Theta and Delta Healing

  • Healing Using Rife Frequency / TBSW Combinations

  • Weight Loss

  • Rejuvenation

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief

  • Sleep for Insomniacs and Altered Sleep States

  • Focus Frequencies and Accelerated Learning

  • Powerful Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

  • Energy and Zero Point Energy Experiments

  • Deep State Meditation and Consciousness Experiments

  • Regression Therapy

  • Much More...

One of our many trials used the TBSW Pain Frequency Set explained above. What are people saying about TBSW when dealing with pain?

This is a wonderful product that can be used by anyone. I have used every frequency for myself and for some friends. They are all surprised with the great results......! Everyone needs and could use this application. - Lawrence B. - Colorado

I have experienced almost instant relief from a rotator cuff injury!
Penny Hill - Mesa, Arizona

I have Arthritis in the lower spinal area. I couldn't get relief with Motrin and heat. Using this app relief was instantaneous. I've NEVER experienced this before...Zoey

I have degenerative disk disease and a few torn disks. I have been suffering for over 30 years and pain medications just don't work. I tried
TBSW and had instant pain relief. It's a Godsend and anyone with chronic pain should have it!
Michael K. - New York

That's just the basics of TBSW. The tip of the iceberg. There are two more dimensions added to TBSW Generator that are very exciting.

SPIN : Spin adds a fifth dimension to the waveform that allows you to sweep through a range of frequencies and cross from the Left to the Right Channels at the same time. You could experiment with sweeping through a section of the Theta Frequency Range that deals with altered states of consciousness for instance. 

Scalar Waves : Scalar Waves add yet another dimension to the wave set. Scalar wave create ZERO point energy. They are used in experiments with meditation and conscious states. There are people working with these frequencies to do fairly bizarre experiments with teleportation, object manifestation and more.

There are no limits with how far you want to take TBSW. With TBSW, it's quite easy for the average person to achieve meditational states as deep as Tibetan Monks in a couple of sessions. All you need is this software, a set of headphones and your computer. The possibilities are endless.

Keep in mind, for more enthusiastic users, the outputs can be connected to coils, crystals and other electronic equipment.   TBSW Generator is like a mini Tesla lab on your PC.

Now, let's get down to what the TBSW Generator has under the hood. From the Main Panel Screenshot above, we've already mentioned Spin and Scalar Waves. On the Main Panel, you can also:

  • Record your TBSW Sessions to Wave Files for transport to portable devices

  • Save and Load an unlimited number of your own presets

  • Set the Background Sounds for soothing effects like Thunderstorms and more

  • Enter Base and TBSW Beat Frequencies to 0.001 Hz Resolution

  • Adjust you Main Level, TBSW and Background Mixes


There are 21 Pre-programmed Presets that we've given you. The Presets can be accessed by clicking the Presets Tab in the Program. To run the presets, simply set the Preset, Background Sound, Time and click the Start Preset button.

TBSW Generator Presets Panel Screenshot

TBSW Presets

The 21 Presets Are:

  • General Pain

  • Muscle and Joint Pain

  • Headache Pain

  • Migraines

  • Rife Pain Set

  • Rejuvenation

  • Relax

  • Stress Relief

  • Lose Weight

  • Energy Boost

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Alzheimer's

  • Tremors

  • Healing (General)

  • Sleep

  • Deep Sleep

  • Dream Sleep

  • Intuition

  • Psychic Enhancement

  • Shamanic Frequency Set

  • Mind Expansion

The Presets have been crafted with TBSW frequencies for maximum effectiveness. The LED Frequency Readout display shows which frequencies we've chosen for each one. You can use this as a guide and starting point in your own presets and experiments.

For Chiropractors, Doctors and Physical Therapists, you can run one of the Pain Presets at the end of your session. TBSW Generator will make your pain medications and Tense Units obsolete.   


Over twenty years ago, before Microsoft had Windows, we wrote the first Computer-Aided Hypnosis program called Hypno-Com. We've included a couple of very powerful Hypnotic Visualizations that you can use while you're running your TBSW sessions. They have been ported over to Windows and perfected over the years. You can also run them as stand-alone deep hypnosis inducers if you like. They are there, if you don't prefer to lay or sit back with your eyes closed. 

Hypnosis Hypnosis 2

Of course, the images above don't show the animations or the special Theta timings that make them so powerful, but you get the idea...   


We've also included a Notes section for taking notes on whatever you like. Remember when I said that TBSW is great for Writers and creativity. You can run TBSW and write your content in Notes. Then simply copy the content to your favorite Word Processor afterwards.  

Los Alamos Secret Notes

Notes can also be used for logging your frequencies, research, patient information or whatever else you like. Notes are a simple text editor, in which the content is automatically saved when the program exits (or you click Save Notes) and reloaded when the program starts. The dark newspaper print and gray shades in Notes are relaxing and not distracting.  

Help System

We've been around for many years and we take our customer comments very seriously. Every comment we've ever had since 1991 is on file and are reviewed, so we can make a better experience for you. That's why, we have a Browser based Help System in our software. It's more intuitive and easier to navigate than basic Windows help systems.

Frequency Help 


TBSW Generator also has a new Automatic Update System built into it. Any updated version will be available to you in a flash. We have taken careful consideration in all of the details in TBSW Generator. After all, it's the only TBSW Generator available in the world. It has to be the best!

Automatic Updates

The uses of TBSW are endless. You can expand your horizons to new limits that were unimaginable before. For individuals, doctors of all kinds, alternative health practitioners, physical therapists and well...everyone. TBSW is the future and you can get it now. We have no doubt that you will love TBSW Generator. It can literally change your life for the better.

So you have that computer sitting there. Why not put it to work for something really useful? You will use TBSW Generator for the rest of your life and get benefits from it that you couldn't even imagine. TBSW Generator is only $297 and the benefits last a lifetime!  

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TBSW Generator System Requirements

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  • A PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

  • Headphones to connect to the headphone out of your PC

  • No Special Memory Requirements

  • An Internet Connection is Required for Product Activation

*Note : No Internet connection is required once the program is unlocked on your computer


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